In what prosecutors described as a $100-million-dollar bust of organized crime, 12 people in four boroughs were arrested over the weekend for allegedly running an illegal gambling network that included bets on the Super Bowl.

Dubbed Operation Kings Flush, the month-long sting ended with raids of nine locations in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island, officials said.

The 12 bookies took bets from neighborhood betting parlors, funneling the bulk of the proceeds to established organized-crime families, including the Gambino and Genovese rings, Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said. Hynes’ office, the Staten Island’s district attorney’s office and the NYPD worked together on the operation.

“Joe the bookie is a nice guy,” said Hynes, flanked by laptop computers, telephones, cash and betting stubs seized in the raids. ” he’s totally indebted to organized crime.”

judi poker Bets were taken for professional basketball, football and college basketball games, Hynes said, with the Super Bowl the biggest cash cow.

Organized crime funneled the proceeds into prostitution, drugs and other operations, said Hynes, a Democrat running for re-election this year.

Law-enforcement officials say they believe illegal gambling generates about $15 billion a year in the state and $100 billion nationwide. Across the country, about $4 billion in bets is taken for the Super Bowl each year, officials said.

Hynes, who was joined by Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan at the news conference, said ringleaders worked inventively to gain stealth.

They often relied on the Internet, telephones, and credit cards to take payments and give payouts.

And six of the betting parlors raided were run by Asians to avoid detection, Hynes said.

Arrested and charged with gambling in the first degree were Poon Hoong Chak, 48; Vincent Maiorano, 35; Chochun Sze, 53; Richard Zee, 40; Kit Cheng, 51; Patrick Tran, 39; Fattsoon Wong, 48; Gui Hui Jang, 31; Hui’Yan Wang, 45; and Da’Qi Zhao, 48.

If convicted, they face up to 4 years in prison.

Also arrested and charged with gambling in the second degree were Alexander Noce, 73, and Frank Pepe, 34, prosecutors said. They face 1 year in prison if convicted.